The Ethnicity Tag

Hello Angels!

Let’s continue with the “get-to-know-me” blogs posts so that you guys can continue becoming familiar with the person typing behind the keyboard. I recall watching a few YouTubers doing this tag back in 2014, but I’m not quite sure who initially created this tag.

Before starting, I think it’s important for everyone to understand the difference between race and ethnicity (if they don’t already). Race deals with biology (genes that create differences in physical appearances), and ethnicity deals with someone’s culture, language, and customs.

Alright, now that we’ve briefly covered that, let’s get started!

What is your Ethnicity?
I am Pakistani. I was born and raised in America (New York City), but my ethnicity is Pakistani; both of my parents were born in Pakistan and came to America about 32 years ago.

When was the last time you visited your country?
The last time I visited Pakistan was a LOOONG time ago. I went with my family when I was two. We don’t have much family left back in Pakistan; most have migrated out to places like America, Canada, London, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Name one ethnic food you enjoy the most.
South-Asian cuisine is the best you guys! I eat mostly veggie dishes; I love bhindiyaan (okra curry). I also love samosas, pakoras, papri chaat, gulab jamun, rasmalai….ahh I can’t just pick one; there’s just way too many favorites.

Name one household item that best represents your culture.
A few things come to mind (as you can tell, I never really answer with only ONE…haha). One is a rolling pin (belna), which is what we use to make roti (a staple in desi households) and another is Rooh Afza. If you’re desi, you definitely have a bottle of Rooh Afza in your cabinet! I think another great representation of my culture in my house are the clothes and bangles. The desi culture is so beautiful, so vibrant, and so rich in color; the intricate details on the clothes, the colorful bangles…I love it all! I’ll make sure to post some pictures of some outfits soon.

What part of your country are you from?
Both of my parents were born in Punjab, Pakistan; my dad from Chander ke Mongolay and my mom from Kalaswala, Sialkot (both villages).

What song reminds you of your country?
I think any song by Abrar-ul-Haq will remind me of Pakistan haha. I grew up with my parents playing his songs.
Here are some links of some of my favorites by Abrar:

Can you speak the language of your ethnicity?
I can speak Urdu. I can also partially speak Punjabi, but I don’t speak often (mostly just with my husband).

I hope you guys enjoyed that short tag! Leave a comment about your own beautiful ethnicity down below!

xx Mahvish

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