A Better Me in 2017- My New Year’s Resolutions (Goals) 2017

Happy New Year my angels!

Yep, yet another new year’s post from another blogger for you guys to read. Haha. I wanted to do this post not only for you guys but also for myself, so that I can come back here and remind myself of what I’ve written.

It’s still crazy to me that it’s 2017…where did 2016 go? This new year, as any previous new year, is a breath of fresh air. We get a clean slate on making this coming year count. The majority of the world definitely has decided to make some resolutions this new year…even though we shouldn’t wait for a new year to press the reset button on our lives (or like me where I wait to do something till the beginning of the week, the month, or even the start of an hour… haha). We should continually be working on ourselves and setting goals for ourselves. But hey, we are human and we all (well, mostly all) end up waiting for the new year to resolve to better ourselves and our lives.

So, here are my main GOALS that I’ve resolved to achieve to make myself a better ME this 2017. Notice the emphasis on ME? This is to remind everyone to not compare yourself or your life to anyone else. The path to better yourself is your own and comparing yourself to someone who seemingly has the “ideal life/marriage/job/weight/et cetera” is detrimental and gets you no where. Just focus on being a better you; that’s all that matters!




Treat my Body Well

Usually everyone’s new year resolution is to work out to lose weight. Personally, I’m not looking to lose weight; I’m looking to improve the quality of my life and be healthier. My goal is to be more active and eat better so that I can have more energy to do the things that I love and/or need to do. Do little things, like making a green smoothie every day and going for a short run. Your body is yours and the only one you get, so why not make it feel good and be at its best.


Work on Bettering my Relationship with God

A Muslim’s relationship with God is central to their belief and with any relationship, there are trials. I want to work on strengthening my relationship with Allah for the betterment of my daily life. One way is focusing on being more present and sincere in my prayers. Also, I want to work harder on acting upon what I know and believe. For example, I know that God is always there for me, so even when I go through trials, instead of losing hope, I need to stay firm on my faith and know that it will only make me a stronger person.


Give Myself More Worth/Ignore the Opinions of Others

I have realized that I let others affect my self-worth and let their actions/opinions define my significance. I’ve learned that even if others don’t see how much I’m worth or how extraordinary I am, that it’s O.K. Those are people’s attitudes, not fact. Even though it’s hurtful when others treat you wrongly (or like you’re insignificant), you cannot allow anyone to make you feel inferior, nor should you care if they don’t value you as much as you know you deserve. Others should not and cannot negatively influence your opinion of yourself. This year I plan to ignore the opinions of others, work on caring less about the worth others give me, and let myself define my own significance.


Work on Being the Best Wife I Can Be

The saying,”the first year of marriage is the hardest,” is very true…however, it’s been a meaningful and amazing past year being married to my best friend. This coming year, I plan to have a deeper  commitment to have the best relationship possible. My goal is to be able to communicate better, criticize less, spend more time together, forgive and forget more, and love more sincerely.


Be More Positive and Happier

I consider myself a bit of a negative person, even though others always see a smile on my face. This year I’m going to work on being happier by changing my outlook on certain things, by learning how to let things go, and learning to be more thankful/positive.


Be More Grateful

I’m not saying that I’m not grateful. I just want to complain less, and learn to be more grateful and humbler. Having gratitude and humility allows us to find the good things we already have in our life (no matter how tough) and appreciate them more.


Worry Less/Work on My Anxiety

I am such a worrywart and over thinker. I need to learn how to change my perspective, and stop thinking about the “what ifs” and worst-case scenarios. I want to tackle life with less anxiety and less worrying. If you guys are anxious and worry just like me, be sure to share some of your tips in the comment section!


Explore my Creativity

Being creative has really been a great outlet all throughout my life, so I want to continue exploring my creativity, especially with this blog. I encourage you all to get more creative…buy a sketchbook, write in a journal, or take an art class. Use your mind and hands to make things that inspire and captivate you.


Learn Something New/Challenge Myself

The world is full of enthralling facts, skills, and talents and the manner of discovering/learning them (not just the end result) is fulfilling and worthwhile…so why not learn something new? I want to learn as much as I possibly can and want to be able to push past my boundaries and views. I want to learn Arabic, work on the Spanish I already know, learn more about history, blogging, religion, cooking, baking, and so much more!


Travel More

I’ve personally experienced that traveling really makes a person a well-rounded individual. It makes us more thankful (for people, for the world’s beauty, for what we have), teaches us a great deal through every interaction and experience, and broadens our perspectives. I feel blessed to have traveled as much as I have, and I plan to travel even more this year, God willing.


Read More

When I was younger, I used to read non-stop. I’d go to the library and take out 10-15 books at a time and binge read them. Life now is much more hectic, but I plan on carving out some time just for reading. Read for fun, but also read to open your mind to new possibilities/ideas and to gain more knowledge/perspective.




I hope you guys enjoyed reading my new year’s resolutions and the goals that I have set for myself. Make sure you leave me what some of your new year’s resolutions/goals are in the comment section! (:

Xx Mahvish

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