Giving Back with 50 Random Acts of Kindness

Giving back is something I value tremendously as service to mankind is the essence of my beautiful religion, Islam. Especially for the next few years here in America, it’s not enough to protest Trump’s presidency. We must all strive to make a difference and spread kindness in order to dissipate the hate. When you are kind to someone, that person is more likely to be kind to someone else, so why not start the domino effect of kindness? It’s helpful to have a role model; someone that you look up to who is the embodiment of charity and generosity. My role model is the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). He treated everyone, young and old, with kindness, compassion, and respect.


So here we go! Here are 50 random acts of kindness.


  1. Say “good morning” and “thank you” to anyone that you see: neighbors, mail carriers, bus drivers, police officers, and firefighters.
  2. Don’t interrupt. We undervalue how meaningful and comforting it is to be listened to.
  3. Teach/tutor/mentor someone.
  4. Leave a good server the biggest tip you can afford.
  5. Find opportunities to give compliments to anyone- people you don’t know and people you do know. It could make someone’s entire day.
  6. Put coins in someone else’s parking meter if you pass by and see that the time is expiring.
  7. Send someone a small gift anonymously.
  8. Hold the train door open for someone who is rushing to get in.
  9. Give up your seat for someone on the train or bus, not just an elderly or pregnant person.
  10. Tell all your family members and friends how much you appreciate them.
  11. Pay for the coffee, toll, or groceries (whatever you can afford) for the person behind you.
  12. Give someone a book that you think they’d enjoy.
  13. Hold your tongue. Pause and think before speaking or writing when you are mad or impatient.
  14. Be empathetic and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  15. Hold the door open for someone.
  16. Go sit with someone who is alone at the lunch table.
  17. Be encouraging. You never know how helpful your encouragement could actually be.
  18. Donate clothes and shoes to the needy. Here’s a good tip: Each time you get a new item of clothing, give away something old.
  19.  Donate books to your local library.
  20. Participate in an organized walk/run for a good cause. Here’s a site that has some great information on tons:
  21. Cook meals for others, especially if you know they are in need of it (sick, pregnant, etc.)
  22. Share your notes with a classmate.
  23. Send a care package to our troops-
  24. Use a reusable water bottle to help the environment.
  25. Donate your hair-
  26. Visit a nursing home and make a new friend.
  27. Restrain your road rage. Let other cars merge onto the highway. Let that stranger have that parking spot. Don’t honk angrily. Mostly importantly, don’t let other drivers get you angry and ruin your day.
  28. Help out with or do your sibling’s household chore.
  29. Praise the work of others.
  30. Spend a few minutes on Free Rice (, a United Nations Food Program that will donate rice to hungry people for every question you get right on their learning web site.
  31. Smile at people, just because.
  32. Offer a ride to someone.
  33. Help that stressed-out parent by offering to babysit.
  34. Shovel the snow for your neighbors. It’s a nice surprise for them. (I have a neighbor who does this for us all the time, and we of course return the favor).
  35. Pack spare snacks and offer them to your co-workers or friends when you’re out.
  36. Give yourself a spa day- put on a face mask, do your nails, watch a movie, take a bath and relax!
  37. Forgive whoever has wronged you.
  38. Take your little sister/brother/cousin/whomever out for a treat.
  39. Donate makeup and other feminine products (
  40. Make breakfast in bed for your parents/spouse/siblings/whoever you live with.
  41. Be supportive and kind to a loved one, especially when they are stressed.
  42. Tell a joke and make someone laugh.
  43. Check in on an elderly neighbor.
  44. Donate your blood at a blood drive.
  45. Let someone go ahead of you in line.
  46. Take better care of your environment. Start with simple steps like recycling, not littering, carpooling, taking shorter showers, planting a garden, and using energy-efficient light bulbs.
  47. Bring flowers to your teacher.
  48. Help someone with their groceries at the store (if they need help bagging or putting it in their car).
  49. Drop off combs, toothbrushes, and toothpaste (etc.) at a shelter or a soup kitchen.
  50. Genuinely ask others what you can do to help.


I hope that you guys enjoyed and I hope that you are inspired to go out and help the world be a little bit of a better place. Try some out and be sure to leave additional acts of kindness in the comment section below! Consider that your random act of kindness for today. 🙂

Let’s do what we can together and make an impact this year by giving back and spreading the love. If you’re interested in more ideas, check out this cool website-, that categorizes acts of kindness so you can find some perfect geared for you. Enjoy!


xx Mahvish

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