My Top Airplane Essentials: Ways to Make Traveling A Bit Easier

Hello angels!

I’d like to consider myself a seasoned veteran of flying (on an airplane of course…not like I’m Superwoman/Supergirl or anything haha) and since I just got back from a trip abroad, I wanted to share my top airplane essentials.

Besides the obvious things you’d need or want while flying like your travel documents, a travel pillow, computer/cellphone/ipad/tablet/headphones, I’ll be sharing some things you guys might not have thought of and things that will hopefully make your flight much more comfortable!

IMG_8330 copy



There’s nothing like some recycled plane air to dry out your skin and leave it looking and feeling parched upon arrival. Moisturizers include an array of items- lotion, lip balm, facial spray (I like rose water), face wipes, and maybe even some coconut oil. The major key here is to stay nourished because the air in the airplane is dry and cold, which can be very detrimental to your skin (dry patches, cracked lips, pimples). I was applying lip balm and spraying my face every few hours in-flight.



I think having hand sanitizer and/or antibacterial wipes is essential! I even go to the lengths of wiping down the toilet seat and any handles haha.



Reusable Water Container

You’re not allowed to take any drinks through security, so I always like to bring a reusable water container to fill up at the water fountain after I get through security or get it filled by the air hosts/hostesses. Why waste money on buying that ridiculously expensive water after security, and those dinky little cups they give your drinks in during your flight are not nearly enough. It’s good to stay hydrated before and during your flight to feel refreshed and it also helps with keeping your skin supple in that dry environment.


Things to Keep You Entertained

What are your hobbies? If it doesn’t take up a ton of space bring it! Books, magazines, mini board games (if you came with a partner), knitting/crocheting supplies, notebook to write in, sketching book to draw…whatever you enjoy doing, bring it!



I always wear a cardigan and blanket scarf on a flight. If you’re not cold, you can take it off, but more than likely it’ll be cold up there! And for some reason they don’t give blankets anymore; at least on the 16-hour flight I took to and from Pakistan! Also pack some fuzzy socks to stay extra cozy.



Ever wake up in the middle of a flight craving something delicious? Be sure to pack some of your favorite snacks in your carry-on.  My favorite snacks to bring with me for when I’m feeling peckishare Oreos and chips. What are yours? I even like packing my own meal with me for a long flight. I personally don’t like airplane food so why not! Pack a sandwich or meal in a plastic container and tie it in a bag. Don’t worry- there will be no problems with security!



I always get stuffy and my allergies act up as well in airplanes. I make sure to bring my allergy medicines and any other medicines/lozenges/sprays I might need. I also make sure to bring a few Emergen-C packets with me.




Try chewing gum if you get ear pressure during take off and landing. If that doesn’t work, try yawning, or tilting your head back and pushing your jaw forward.


Battery backup

Usually (especially in economy) there aren’t any power outlets, so I like to keep a charged portable charger with me.


Essential oils/serums

Lately, I’ve really become an essential oil type of gal. The ones I brought were specifically targeted for sleep/relaxing, de-stressing, and headaches.




You never know when you’ll need to fill out a form or write something down in flight.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading my airplane essentials. With these things I’m able to fly comfortably wherever I go. What are a few of your own favorite airplane travel essentials?


xx Mahvish



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