Love Your Skin: Skincare Tips and Advice

Hello my angels!! How are you all?

Today I wanted to share skincare journey and year-round skincare tips with you all in hopes of helping any of you who deal with acne. Growing up I was never blessed with clear skin; I had a little acne and also dealt with acne scarring. Now that I’m older, my skin is heaps better. I’ll occasionally have some spots pop up here and there. Mostly what I deal with are those pesky little bumps under your skin. Over the years, I’ve found some great ways to help fully clear up my skin and keep it that way.

The world wide web is full of conflicting information and it just makes everything more obscure when searching for ways to clear up your skin. I’m going to break it down simply and give you all tips that have worked for me.

First, I’ll be talking about a few tips that you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle to help your skin from the inside out. Then, I’ll share some skincare tips and steps that I use to help get rid of those unwanted fiends on our face.

Alright, lets get started! 🙂

Tips to help fight acne internally:

  1. We’ve all heard it over and over again, but its true! WATER, WATER, WATER! I’ve noticed that the days I don’t drink enough, my skin looks dull and is more prone to spots. Try green tea and lemon water as well. The first thing I try to do when I wake up is drink water with a lemon squeezed into it.
  2. Sleep more and sleep early! Again something we’ve heard a lot, but I’m here to remind you how much sleeping well is correlated to the the quality of our skin. Try getting at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep every night. I like to shoot for 9-10 because I love my sleep, haha. If you have an iPhone, try out the bedtime feature on your clock application.IMG_8882.PNG
  3. Cut back on sweets, salts, and oily foods! Now I’m not saying never eat them…it’s O.K. to have them in moderation. Try this: some days switch that soda out for a water, or those potato chips for kale chips.
  4. Exercise! Need I say more? We all know the benefits here… we just somehow always make excuses not to work out (including myself). Try just adding 30 minuted of walking to your daily routine.
  5. Relax and worry less. Stress is also correlated with the quality of your skin, so try finding ways to reduce it (meditate/ exercise/ yoga/ mindfulness).

Tips for your skincare routine:

  1. Don’t pick at your skin or pop any zits because you don’t want to spread bacteria or leave any scarring. Try touching your skin as little as possible throughout the day.
  2. Don’t over wash it. I like to cleanse with a toner in the morning and with a facial wash/cleanser at night.
  3. Cleanse your skin properly to remove your makeup well. I’d recommend not using makeup wipes, and opt for a cleansing water/oil instead and then move onto a facial wash/cleanser. The less chemicals that you use, the happier your skin will be.IMG_8850
  4. Some important steps while washing your face are to use lukewarm water to wash it and spend at least 1-2 minutes massaging in the cleanser.
  5. Don’t ever sleep without washing your makeup off first! I mean, c’mon…you’re just asking for clogged pores.
  6. Exfoliate to get rid of dead skin and to stimulate the blood flow to your face. Be sure to use a gentle exfoliator.IMG_8873
  7. Don’t skip your moisturizers. I know acne prone skin can be oily, so you may think that moisturizing will make it even oilier, but moisturizing for all skin types is KEY. For those with oily skin, use oil-free or gel moisturizers that say “non-comedogenic” on the labels. IMG_8841IMG_8846
  8. If you’re in your twenties, I highly suggest starting under eye cream! Use a light patting motion with your ring finger half an inch under your eye.
  9. Try fresh aloe vera gel a few times a week. It’s been used for centuries from medical to beauty remedies. It’s great for acne, it lightens spots, and it cleanses, protects, and softens your skin. After cleansing your skin, apply fresh aloe vera gel all over your face. Rinse off after 30 minutes. FullSizeRender.jpg
  10. Use rose water as a toner. I love rose water you guys! It’s gentle, great for sensitive skin, and very hydrating. I put the rose water in a spray bottle and spray my face throughout the day.
  11. Loosely braid or tie your hair at night. You don’t want the oils from your hair getting slathered all over your face, do you?
  12. On that note, also be sure to change your pillowcases every few days.
  13. Clean your makeup brushes regularly! I try my best to wash my face brushes every few uses.
  14. Sanitize your phone every night. You’d be surprised at how much bacteria are on there and how much bacteria you’re transferring to your face when you’re talking on your phone. Imagine rubbing your cheek on a toilet seat. Yep, I bet you’ll be sanitizing your phone from now on, haha.IMG_8858
  15. Some other DIY/natural skincare products I love to use on my face include honey, lemon juice, turmeric, baking soda, egg whites, yogurt, and tea tree oil. Try them and see which one’s works well for you. I guarantee you’ll love at least one! I’ll be sure to do a blog post on some of my favorite DIY natural skin care masks soon.
  16. Try a biotin supplement; it will help your body regenerate skin cells faster. IMG_8832
  17. Before applying a face mask, steam your face so that your pores open up to absorb whatever product you will apply.
  18. Don’t use your hand towel as your face towel. Keep a separate soft towel for your face and pat your face dry after washing.
  19. Try going makeup free some days.
  20. Never forget your sunscreen! I really like the Neutrogena Clear Face Liquid Lotion Sun Screen (SPF 55) for acne prone skin. Also, be sure not to skip out on SPF on your lips! And believe it or not…we need SPF whether we are out in the sun or still at home. Windows can let through UV rays and and fluorescent bulbs also have UV rays that can cause damage to your skin.

I hope you guys found all of my tips helpful! Trust me, these simple lifestyle changes and tweaks in your skin care routine will help your skin so much. Try starting off with just a few and see if it makes a difference for you. (: Also, be sure to leave any of your skincare tips down below!

xx Mahvish

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