Photo Travel Diary: Pakistan- Medley

Hi everyone (:

Yes! Another photo travel diary! Check out my first two Pakistan photo travel diaries here: Accessories and Rickshaws. This one includes the miscellaneous photos I wanted to share from my Pakistan excursion.

I brought back so many wonderful, lifelong memories from Pakistan (even though i was sick there for half of my trip). The best thing I brought back from this trip was gratitude and humility, which I genuinely treasure. I saw how people lived in so many parts of Pakistan, and how privileged so many of us are to have grown up in developed, industrial countries. We can sit here and say that we are grateful for all that we have, but seeing first-hand how difficult people have it actually brings things into perspective. I think that’s one of the reasons I love traveling so much. Not only is it (in my opinion) one of the best forms of education, but it’s so eye-opening. We truly do become well-rounded, and are also able to see what a minute space we occupy in this massive world… it’s quite humbling.

So, before I share my photographs, I challenge you all to travel and experience the world. And if that’s too hard of a challenge (because obviously many can’t leave family and/or work to go travel), I’ll make it easier. Take a road trip! Or another great idea to broaden your horizons is to go to a nursing/elderly home and start talking to an elderly person there. I guarantee you’ll find at least one immigrant who has inspiring stories to tell about their life back home. Plus, you’ll make someone’s day by giving them your companionship!

Alright, let’s get to the photos! (:



I hope you enjoyed!

xx Mahvish

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