Photo Travel Diary: Lahore, Pakistan- Badshahi Mosque, Minar-e-Pakistan

Hello people of the world! How are you all? (by the way: it’s so cool seeing what different countries people see my blog from!).

So, I thought the previous Pakistan photo travel diary I posted would be the last one, but I forgot about these pictures. Whoops! I want to go back one day and take better photos with a professional camera to capture the true beauty of these places (InshAllah); it was my first time back home (since I was a toddler), hence I was quite cautious. Many told me to be very vigilant with electronics/phone/etc. and so I just quickly snapped some photos with my phone.

Seeing these iconic places in Lahore was amazing! They are so beautifully constructed and the history behind them is so rich. I just stood in some places in awe at certain times. I feel blessed to have experienced and have seen things that my family had experienced and had seen back when they were however old (before picking up their whole lives and coming to America).

Onto to the photos! Enjoy! Let me know how you guys enjoyed my Pakistan photo travel diary series. If you haven’t checked out my previous ones, be sure to check them out here, here, and here. (:


xx Mahvish

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