Photo Travel Diary: Dômes of Fabedougou, Burkina Faso (Part 2)

Hello everyone (:

I have another photo travel diary from Africa for you guys today, and there are plenty more coming! I’m really excited and seem to have found my [mahvelous] muse again from seeing all the pictures that my husband, Musawar, sends me from his travels in Burkina Faso, Africa (side note: I figured I probably should start saying his name instead of “my husband” all the time. It was getting odd writing “my husband” over and over haha). I had planned for today’s blog post to be about WHY he is there (his purpose/his mission/his experiences), but that’s still a work in progress. Plus, I was too excited to share these stunning photos he sent me recently of a cool area that he explored.

The western areas, like around Banfora, seem to be the most breathtaking areas of Burkina Faso, as they are closer to the coast. The most famous are the Sindou Peaks, the Karfiguéla Waterfalls, and the Dômes of Fabedougou. Today, I’ll be sharing Musawar’s photos from the Dômes of Fabedougou. From the pictures and from what Musawar’s told me, the scenery is incredible.

The landscape seems a bit reminiscent of the Grand Canyon here in the States, but of course on a smaller scale. These limestone dome-like formations date back about 1.8 billion years (when the area was covered by sea) and were formed as a result of eroded sandstone layers that had amassed over time. There is one main road near the Banfora area and then they (Musawar and his colleagues) had to go off road to get to the domes; from Bobo-Dioulasso (a city) it was about a two hour drive.


photo_2017-10-24_17-46-32 (2)





I hope you enjoyed Musawar’s photographs of the Dômes of Fabedougou in Burkina Faso. Wasn’t it gorgeous? There will be a ton more photo travel diaries of his experiences in Burkina Faso coming your way, so stay tuned! 😉

To learn a little bit more about this quaint West African country and to see more breathtaking photography from there, check out my previous Burkina Faso photo travel diary (Part 1).

Also, for more information on Burkina Faso and aid, please visit these sites:


xx Mahvish


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