Environment/Fauna of Burkina Faso- Africa Photo Travel Diary (Part 3)

Hey guys! How are you all?

Musawar (husband dearest) has sent me such striking pictures of the environment and the fauna in different areas of Burkina Faso. These won’t be the typical, “Omg there’s an elephant from Africa,” or “hey look at that African giraffe.” (Even though I love elephants and giraffes). I wanted to share some photos to showcase other animals that Musawar had encountered. He said that at some points of his trip he would be surrounded by more animals than people.

I really found a lot of his photos of the animals and nature quite beautiful. I might be a bit biased… I’m quite a fan of his photography, haha. Now to everyone it may not seem beautiful, but you know what, that’s all right! It’s like dandelions in a way. In my eyes, dandelions are an exceptional display of beauty, though many others see them as a just a weed. They fail to see the allure of these floras that blanket the otherwise ordinary green tresses of the ground. (that got poetic real fast, haha).

Some points about the environment in Burkina Faso before I jump into the photos:

  • The air isn’t too bad, but obviously not the cleanest. It depends on the area. Musawar tells me that the Western area has cleaner air and where there is more desert, the air is more polluted.
  • The biggest environmental problems are the recurrent droughts and desertification.
  • According to the World Health Organization, about 80% of all diseases in Burkina Faso is due to unsafe water. Musawar said, “The tap water comes from rain water, which is somewhat cleaned, but you will get sick if you drink that. So, you need to buy water packets or purchase mineral water from the store. Another option is to boil the water and then store it.”

If you haven’t already, check out my previous Burkina Faso travel diaries to learn a little bit more about this quaint West African country and to see more breathtaking photography from there:






For more information on Burkina Faso and aid, please visit these sites:


Also, be sure to leave a comment below of your favorite photo! 🙂


xx Mahvish

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