Apple Cider Vinegar- Be Obsessed!

Hey guys!

There are tons of believed health/general benefits of apple cider vinegar and if you didn’t know…well, then you’re in the right place to learn what they are ;)!


A few weeks back, after reading how ACV can be beneficial, I incorporated it into my daily routine. I have one or two teaspoons in two cups of water every morning 20 minutes before having breakfast. I don’t use any exact measurements of how much ACV or how much water, but I just make sure the I dilute the ACV very well. To be honest, it tastes horrible. Maybe I’ll try adding in honey or adding it into smoothies to mask the bitter flavor, but for now I’m not to picky about having it simply with water. I use and would recommended you guys as well to use raw, organic, unfiltered ACV that contains the good-for-you bacteria, “the mother,” which is the murky (for lack of a better word) part of the mixture that can settle to the bottom. It is said to be the most nutritious part, so be sure to mix it up well before using it.



Here are the few reasons why I personally love ACV and how it has benefited me.

  • It’s been great for my skin. I’m sure this isn’t the only reason behind my clearer skin, but it is a part of the many reasons why.
  • It’s helps with my digestion and reduces bloating.
  • It helps detoxify my body.


Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 5.34.15 PM


Other believed benefits of ACV

(Either I haven’t used it in that way, or it’s too early for me to tell, or I just can’t tell. In the future, I do plan to try it out in different ways).

  • Helps in weight loss by making you feel full and can possibly “cancel” some of the carbs you eat (by not being able to absorb them)
  • It increases the benefits of the vitamins/minerals in your food.
  • Curbs sugar cravings.
  • Helps keep blood sugar in check (great for diabetics).
  • Lowers cholesterol levels (which can reduce your risk of heart disease).
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • It’s a safer, all-natural alternative to household cleaner (1 part water + 1 part ACV).
  • You can use it as a toner for your face (combine equal parts for topical use).
  • Helps hair become shinier and soothes an itchy (dandruff-y) scalp (combine equal parts for topical use).
  • Helps relieve seasonal allergies.
  • Regulates your body’s pH.
  • Can cure a cold and/or sore throat.



  • Never drink or use it without diluting it in water!
  • It may interact with other medicines, so ask your doctor first if you are on any medications.
  • Also, I wouldn’t suggest pregnant women have it often or at all. If you do decide to, I would say go for the pasteurized one. Consult your doctor on this…I’m no expert!
  • If you are using it as a toner, don’t get it near your eyes.
  • Don’t over-drink it. I wouldn’t recommend having more then one tablespoon of ACV a day… I mean it is acid you guys, haha.


Let me know if you guys use it and for what! And if you don’t use it, do you think you’ll try it out?

xx Mahvish

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